27-03-2008 Marcus Schossow - Tone Diary

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zoned in
http://www.marcusschossow.com/upload/ said:

#1: Only upload music that you want shared with Marcus.
#2: Your IP is saved when you upload, if porn or any other irrelevant files are uploaded your IP will be banned.
#3: Please add your name and email to your filename so we will be able to contact you if we like the track. Change @ to "AT" For example: Under Sun - The Shelter.mp3 would be named Under Sun - The Shelter (Marcus Schossow and Sebastian Brandt - marcusATmarcusschossow.com).mp3
#4: Do NOT upload .wav files, MP3 Only!
#5: MP3s must be 40MB or smaller.
#6: All MP3s should be at a 192kbps bitrate or higher (no higher than 320kbps please!)[/SIZE]
noo, no porn :(:(
i like this track really:mml::mml:
Надо дядюшке Маркусу порнушку зааплоадить жестокую :))))