27-05-2008 Akira Kayosa - Synthetica 010

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niiiiceee synthwaves right now

that deserves definetly a replay:grinning:

the right sounds for an sunny evening...summerfeelings arround

still wont work :/ but i got a picture of myself as avatar i think its better than this likin cat ^^

AH! U gotta donate to AH first then u can able to have those extra features of uploading animated avas and such like the cat licking one :grinning:
are Animated avatars allowed on AH?
yea, this set is great!
(don't even wanna get up to use the wash-room!--just keep working away here at my desk.)
Akira Kayosa – Synthetica 010 – May 27th 2008 (Afterhours.FM)
08. Ultimate – Lost For Ever (Original Mix) (Resonate Records Promo)

New track for Resonate, Out in a few months. This track will feature the Akira Kayosa treatment for the remix and will have an Original Mix and Van Gelder Remix for the B side, Acension!

Look out for this one ;)

It rocks ! :super::super::super:
Akira Kayosa – Synthetica 010 – May 27th 2008 (Afterhours.FM)

01. Ojan Nilsen – La Guitarra (Baleric Mix) (Enhanced Records)
02. Marc Marberg & Kayu & Albert – Neo Love (Original Mix) (Euphonic Records)
03. Prospekt – Electrofly (Original Mix) (Lost Language)
04. Randy Boyer & Hydroid – Strike Again (Nisona Mix) (ASOT)
05. Genix Pres Outbound – Switched (Akira Kayosa Mix) (KYR Records)
06. Chapter G8 – Time For Commitment (Akira Kayosa Mix) (Alter Ego)
07. Akira Kayosa – Memento (Firestorm Mix) (Somatic Sense)
08. Ultimate – Lost For Ever (Original Mix) (Resonate Records Promo)
09. Static Blue ft Catherine – Closer To You (Deepwide Mix) (Red force Recordings)
Im ok Piccoli, its my connection that keeps going away....and makes the music silent everytime.
choose another server Ron or take firewallfriendly link...that works:grinning:
What the vocal now !!!!