27-06-2007 Dave Nadz presents Moments Of Trance 018


Sep 8, 2006
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Dave Nadz pres Moments Of Trance


Episode 018

Wednesday, June 27th

EST : 17:00 - 18:00
GMT : 22:00 - 23:00
CET : 23:00 - 00:00

July's rising and summer is offiicialy on since couples of days ... Its another Moments of Trance featuring an exclusive BOMB from Oliver Carr, upcoming release of Volt, Airbase, Sophie Sugar, Frase & others dancefloor killer trancers ! Take an hour break and let your soul inspired by this 18th episode :)

Tracklist providing during the show :ah:

00. intro
01. ID - ID TBA
02. Nr32 - LMY (Aira Force Remix) CONSPIRACY
03. Majai - Lightwave (Airbase Dub Remix) MONSTER PURE
04. Sophie Sugar - Sense of Connection ARMADA promo
05. Frase - Module One (Original Mix) EVE promo
06. Hi Jackers Space - I Can Feel (Volt Remix) WELL MIXED promo
07. Optik - Object (Terrafusion Remix) BONZAI promo
08. Tiesto - Heroes 643 (Oliver Carr Remix) CD-R :wow:
09. Altuna - Shella (Original Mix) TOTAL DIGITAL promo​
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A Bomb from oliver carr i look forward to hearing that one :p
A-Bomb !
here we go!!!!!!!
nice breakdown on this
oo this is nice sweet riff
Nice set yet... good job DN... 315 listeners !!!!
I'm enjoying it..
Now this is a TUNE!
Thanx Magik, just wondering what are peoples thought about this remix i did of tiesto.