27-06-2008 Infrasonic Sessions 011 with Arthur Schmidt

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Jul 27, 2007
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Infrasonic Sessions


Every 4th Friday Monthly
EST: 10:00 - 12:00
GMT: 15:00 - 17:00
CET: 16:00 - 18:00


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The show will consist of exclusive material from both labels Infrasonic and sister label InfaProgressive aswell as guest mixes from around the world.

This month american heavyweight Arthur Schmidt joins me for another two hours of up and coming trance and progressive from around the globe.

Bit about:

Arthur Schmidt, born and raised in San Diego California, was introduced to dance music at the early age of 16 listening to one main pioneer and legend of trance, Paul Oakenfold. Soon after he started to learn how to DJ and at the age of 21, Arthur had his first public appearance opening for Ferry Corsten at On Broadway Even Center in downtown San Diego. Since that day, Arthur has successfully emerged himself into the dance music scene spinning locally and for special events, at Winter Music Conference, and the well known upscale club, Baby Rock in Tijuana Mexico. However, he knew that he needed to take his career to the next level by producing music and so Arthur partnered with long time friend Gabriel Lukouz and formed “The Basic Perspective” in 2003. Arthur & Gabriel immediately took to the studio and started writing songs. Arthur always had a keen sense of melody and unique structuring for songs to not only grasp the attention of new ears, but also long time dance music fans. In 2004 Arthur and Gabriel caught the ear of fellow dj and producer Jon O’Bir and were quickly signed to Conspiracy Deep records based out of London. With the help of Conspiracy Deep records, “Basic Perspective” tunes were promoted globally and quickly caught the attention of many world re-known djs/producers such as, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin Van Burren, Markus Schulz, and Above and Beyond to name a few. Shortly after signing a record contract with Conspiracy Deep, Arthur and Gabriel had their first major break. “Small Step on the Other Side” was signed to Anjunabeats and was featured on many CD compilations including, Tiesto- In Search of Sunrise 5, A State of Trace 2006, and Anjunabeats Vol. 4. With this exposure, “Basic Perspective” had become a common name in dance music. Little while after, Markus Schulz asked Arthur to scout talent for his record label, [Cold Harbour] and produce a remix for his CD compilation, Ibiza 06’. Arthur quickly took the oppertunity remixing a track called Sunshift produced by Southern California duo, Ambrosial. Since then, Arthur has been busy rapidly increasing his resume of productions and remixes. Including remixes of Tiff Lacey’s “Don’t Be Afraid” (Enhanced Records 2008), Serge Devant (Ultra digital), and Darren Williams (Alter Ego) “First and Last Mind the Gap.” Arthur is now in the process of remixing a track Tiesto will be releasing in the future, and the Thrillseekers. Arthur will also be collaborating with artists, Andy Moor and Serge Devant in upcoming months. He has continued rocking venues with his sets all over the country and is always looking further ahead to creating the latest cutting edge sound.

Arthur will be taking the reins first with this months Friday night warmup with myself supplying the second hour.
Welcome guys.

Another fantastic show for you this month packed full of up and coming tracks from Infrasonic HQ and various labels around the world but first our friday night warmup from leading American producer Arthur Schmidt :)
* Infrasonic-Sessions 011 Friday Night Warmup with Arthur Schmidt on AH.FM *

Nice track atm, just what the Friday doctor ordered.

indeed: nice relaxed stuff ! :grinning:

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indeed: nice relaxed stuff ! :grinning:

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OMG! I love this track!:love:

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:hug: listening all the time here ! :super:

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