27-07-2008 Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World 052

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lovely now:music::choon:
first time you hear Veselin? man you don't know what you have missing:wow:
Nope I've heard the sets from EOYC and 2nd year anniversary:grinning:

1st time here on a sunday though,
liking it!

Digital Trance World
finally...control over my own pc! :)

*dance mode on* :super: :dancing:
Hey Maxi : )
Pls , give it us fans from Bulgaria info fot your party here :)

Малко съм нетърпелив,ама ... т'ва си е просто страхотна новина ...

WAIT NEWS VERY SOOOOOOOOOOOOOON :grinning::super::super::super:

Passing Lights
SpecK activates

Dance mode::lol::grinning:

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05. Veselin Tasev - After Sunset (Original Mix)

_O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_

\O_ \O_ \O_ \O_ \O_ \O_

_O/ _O/ _O/ _O/ _O/ _O/

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