27-08-2008 a'ndY - Timetravel 001

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Jul 27, 2007
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a'ndY - Timetravel


EST :: 08:00 - 09:00
UK :: 13:00 - 14:00
CET :: 14:00 - 15:00

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Hi everyone,

after taking part in the DJ Competition as often as possible (and winning it only once, and that was a very close decision ^^), I finally decided to bribe Dan to get my own show :) Nah, seriously now, Dan, thank you so much for giving me this huge oportunity! :bow: I won't disappoint :smile1:

So here we go, like the banner says, it's called Timetravel, and it'll be broadcasted every fourth wednesday of the month, 14 - 15 CET. What you can expect is great trance music regardless of the production year, if it's gonna fit in the set, I'll play it. What you should not expect though are sets packed with classics, or generally sets consisting of solely really old tracks.

A short foreword to this episode:
When I mixed it, the sun was shining outside, birds were singing, and my cat Puma was lying on my bed, sleeping. So it became a a very summerish set, chilled, laid-back, with some vocals and deep, groovy basslines. I just couldn't play some badass tech with farting basslines, because that would have made my cat wake up (he dislikes harder stuff ^^). In order to fully enjoy this set, stop working, look at this picture, imagine you're lying on the beach, and let the music take to away... :music:


One last thing, my boss is on holiday this whole week, with one exception - today :( So I'm not sure whether I can join you here on the forum, I really hope so, but I can't tell atm. However, I hope you enjoy this episode, and I can bring a feeling of summer back to your minds :smile1:
would the cat wake up and say "WTF a'ndY?"...or its him that tattooed that on your forehead? :lol:

Congrats!..i'm sure it will be a great set :)
Haha, lol :lol:

Btw, I thought of calling the show WTF Sessions ^^ Couldn't come up with a real name for that acronym though :( Thought of something like World Trance F... ? I'm too uncreative when it comes to that ^^
will be here :mml:

BTW: Nice Flyer ;-)
Hello everyone!!!!!!

Tuned in.....:music:
tuned in and sounding good:super:
tuned in.. another new show :super:

I like the picture btw!!! suits the sounds i am hearing :grinning:
I likieee =D
Make the island picture bigger! heh heh :blush:
Like A Waterfall - very beautiful choon - Jes Brieden:love: