27-08-2008 Manuel Le Saux - Extrema Before The 100th

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thats all for this 99,99 episode!! :)

dont forget to tune in this friday for the real episode 100

8 hours set

hope to see ya all during the event ( ill be here with ya during all my long set ) :)

so next week apisode 101 !!!

still tnx for all your support during those 100 episodes .. hope to do better and better for you!!!

gn !! :)

What an incredible massive set was this one!!

:choon: after :choon: after :choon: ....

Thanks for this all :super:

Sadly I couldn't be here live when aired, but thanks to the torrent archive I've heard it, yay! :mml:

Voted MASSIVE, for me the only possible vote to give ! :hug:

And I fully agree with DhumKetu and all the others here, in stating that this extrema set-series is at a incredible high and also constant high level! :music:
amazing set as ever:super::super::super: