27-10-2007 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 1 Year - Mike Foyle, Talla 2XLC & Re:Locate

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Ian Holing Presents
Mind Trance One Year Anniversary


**Dont miss contest to win an AH T-shirt and Ian Holings album!!!**​

Mike Foyle
EST: 12.00 - GMT: 17.00 - CET: 18.00

Talla 2XL
EST: 13.00 - GMT: 18.00 - CET: 19.00

EST: 14.00 - GMT: 19.00 - CET: 20.00

Ian Holing
EST: 15.00 - GMT: 20.00 - CET: 21.00


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Ese Santi wenoo, felicidades tio por este año bueno que has brindado en AH y que cumplas muchos mas!! Esta tarde no podre estar :(, espero que me pases el link :super:

(traduction) Congratulationsss, you are loves loves!! xDD

Saludos :music:
wop!! 1 year! the time goes on quickly ;) Thanks a lot to all people who support me in my music way.. and all who listen at least on of my shows or love trance music.

I hope to see you all here at 18:00 CET this will be a great party! I listened sets and I can say that you all will enjoy it a lot! there are awesome!!
Wow great line up Ian, congratulations on the 1 year :)
Congratulations Ian !!
of course! papapa! xD
happy 1 year !!!!!!!!! my friend
i love your shows
magik thx for fix my mistake foley - foyle :lol: :lol: :lol: :whistle: :whistle:

hehe yeah it made me laugh when i see that, i was like "who the hell is mike foley?!" :lol:

Nice start......

:dancing: :choon: :dancing: :choon: :dancing:
Tuned in :)

1 year - very nice :clap2: