28-06-2008 Tempo Giusto - Global Sound Drift 010

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Hey ya'll and welcome to listen to the 10th episode :D How ya'll doing? :grinning:

Tracklist for episode 010 (will be updated as the show goes by):
1. Zoo Brazil & Nic Fanciullu - Ide (Tiger Stripes House Mix)
2. Mark Brown - New Heights (Adam Shaw Remix)
3. Marcus Schössow - Kiev (Original Mix)
4. Ned Shepard - A Fine Balance (Quivver Dub Mix)
5. Tocadisco - Morumbi (Popof Remix)
6. Moonbeam - Stay With Me (Original Mix)
7. Tempo Giusto - One Among Others (Original Mix)
8. Olivier Giacomotto & DJ Tonio - Eat What You Kill (Gaz James &
Hauswerks Remix)
9. Yuan - Xia (Original Mix)
10. Blank & Jones Feat. Bernard Sumner - Miracle Cure (Martin Roth NuStyle
11. Charlie G - Synchronicity (Remo-Con Remix)
12. Tempo Giusto - Vendetta (Original Mix)
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Shit man, beautiful sunny day in London, and nice freaky beats to go with it =)
Intense stuff :grinning:

wish I had a joint right now, though....
Loving the vocal sample here.
Good morning folks:)

Quick question anyone ID the "Crawling" track for me,I forgot
Wow! I adore this track!!mash-up?

Thanks for playing it