28-10-2007 Emotional Horizons - Offshore Drive 003

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'Discover' sound. Something between JOC, Askew and Rozza. :)
Yeah, I got that! Here he is, John Askew himself with Chime! :)
It sounds very similar to Steve Birch - Full Throttle. A new remix? :)
Voting 'Massive'! I probably not liked every tune so much, but I liked the style this mix is done in. Really enjoyable.

See you man! :)
Emotional Horizons will stand out for me as responsible for some of the best sets of 2007 (e.g., July promo, Summer Beach). Amazing tracks, but damn always those IDs :'(

hey guys,

thanks for tuning in!

1.ID - ID [Artist CDR]
2.Icone joins Arpegia - Fatal Beauty (Icone Edit) [Abora]
3.Lost World - A Life Elsewhere (Original Mix) [Captivating Sounds]
4.Mannix vs. Kaymak - World Gone Mad (Club Mix) [ASOT]
5.ID - ID [Artist CDR]
6.ID - ID [Artist CDR]
7.Daniel Blanks - Physical (Inertia Remix) [Discover Digital]
8.John Askew - Chime [Discover]
9.ID - ID [Artist CDR]
10.Paul van Dyk - Another Sunday [Vandit]
Downloaded it this morning and finally got to listen to it in its entirety.

Massive show ! :smile1: