28-11-2006 Bee Bee - State Of JorDance 008



that is to obscure - doesn't help - thought I knew

this one - dont know many and certainly dont know

this one - even though - too late off with another belter
This is a great beaty track - love the beat - listen to the beat

its the essence of the track - great stuff Bee Bee
that was a serious question - choon do you mean tune in old money
love this beat you can play until tomorrow for me
yeah choon = tune in new money
sounds like a moby - go sample
Bee Bee

thought you had finished - cant believe you are playing

this track - please tell me this is not you
This is not you - I know you are playing this track for a bet.
thank you all for tuning in ... much respect ...
cheers :)
if Magik says its Moby well Moby it is - an acquired taste anyway

surely not a Bee Bee taste
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Thank you Bee Bee for this set,once again it was worth for me to stay up until 1 am listening to,absolutely superb choonies and mixing
:respect: :flowers:
Goodnight girls - enjoyed the hour it was great - respect

to all - if I have offended anyone I apollogise unreservedly.

cheers and goodnight from the UK