29-03-2007 Scandinavia in the Mix 001

oh yea, only three more days.. Can't Wait..

Might have to be home for this day :D
DJ Superior starting off for all of these POPULAR DJ's?! Andreas!!!!! OMG!!! You're going to set this set off man, I can't wait buddy!

Guys, look forward to Superior's set, he's amazing man! :D
This is incredible! Ozgur, Niklas Harding, Kris O'Neil, Hawk, David West, Daniel Kandi, Joni Ljungqvist, Super8 & DJ Tab, Mike Shiver. Superb, amazing, wonderful! Will surely be listening to these sets. So looking forward to this!
Thanks for that nice comment Jordan..

Its gonna be great, I hope my show will sett people in the right mood for the three MASSIVE days of all the best dj's! Its gonna be GREAT!
Id better get some sleep so im ready for this hehe!

looking forward to the beginning of 3 HUGE days
Hey ppl
Im from Australia and would love to know how long till Scandinavia in the mix starts the broadcast ?
A rough estimate from the time i make this post would be greatly appreciated
Im new to this site.. And must say its become my favorite overnight!
Im new to allot of the dj`s on the line up for Scandinavia in the mix, up till David west...
Are the dj`s before him Trance ? house or prog ?
Cant wait for Germany in the mix!
most of the dj's are trance and prog..

Phillip jensen is house tho! :)
what's happening to all the other shows today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow?
are they cancelled due to these extraordinary mix shows?