29-06-2010 Portugal in the Mix 002

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12 days and 14 hours actually, we have a countdown timer on j4t's forum... ehehehehh! :)

Hi to all.

The event will count with probably the best portuguese dj's around the trance scene.
We are here to give our best.

Stay sharp,
Blue Kore


:):megacrazy: Super EXTRA Usher country PORTUGAL / + FAN VASELIN TASEV
:hmmm: Deejay heh :):loveah::beer2:
WAITING SHOW Good LUCK :friends::megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy:
promote Portugal in the MIX my bookmarks GUYS :)

Very god to know that Portugal in the Mix will have its 2nd edition and hopefully more to come :-)
Hope that there are a lot of tech lovers. I did the mix thinking about them. :mask:

btw, i am echo66 ;)
Looking forward to listen my set and from my m8s :)
Hope u guys like something hardish like, Bryan Kearney, Indecent Noise, F1D0, John Askew, Neal Thomas, etc... :music:
Se u all Tuesday, 29 here to listen the best Trance DJ's from Portugal. :wave::wink:


Rúben Pinho Pres. emKo
Piccoli inda mix :)

:clap2: need some ride! :bike: :rofl:

Tijs? :hmmm::blink: Is it Tiesto? :mask:

Sorry for being an ******* but it made me laugh a little. :lol: I hope he/she is great in comparison with current Tiesto. :P