29-09-2008 Austria in The Mix 001

Which sets did you like best?

  • David Barnes

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • Luke Grande

    Votes: 8 17.0%
  • Ray McPhoney

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • DJ Transformer

    Votes: 8 17.0%
  • a'ndY

    Votes: 16 34.0%
  • JayCan

    Votes: 29 61.7%
  • DJ Observer

    Votes: 4 8.5%
  • dfx

    Votes: 19 40.4%
  • Daniel Heatcliff

    Votes: 2 4.3%
  • Meanda

    Votes: 3 6.4%
  • The Wash

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • Daniele d'Agnelli

    Votes: 5 10.6%

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My musical career starts in the Age of 5 as i played on my first turntable some Christmas songs in the summer and about that my parents get nerved all the time
In the 80..s with an Age of 12 i got a real good professional music teacher who brings me to a bit classic understanding. The Way, classic music is produced, what instruments are used etc. was faszinating for me. The teacher, self a professional musician explained me the way music works and why all modern music is based on the basic set up of classic music.
I started to analyse modern music for the similarities and found more and more the understanding for modern music. In that phase i also started to play in a school band. My rythem and beat skills were very distinctive and so i started to play the drums in that little band. Within a Year i learned alot of different rythem styles etc and in combination with the growing interest for modern music our little band starts to bootleg some popular songs. A Year later my music teacher changed and i get an 60 year old monk who was the meaning that only classic music and organ & flute are real instruments and i left the music lessons.
In those times i found my first Depeche Mode audio cassettes and startetd to listen that new electronic Instruments...my interests in that grows massively and in the age of 15 i was totally addicted to those sounds like Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and Art of Noise.
One Year later with 16 i start to go to Clubs in Frankfurt, me and my friends were every weekend in the MUSIC HALL Frankfurt, the greatest and most popular Club in germany these times...allways combined Shows with live gigs and DJs. Those times were minted in sounds from Front 242, Nizzer ebb, and many Amsterdam Techno. A Year later a friend bought his first two 1210er and we started to play arround in private and so my understanding for mixing grows. In those times big names came up like Torsten Fenslau, Sven Väth, Talla and for the next 3 years we tingle arround in different clubs to hear our DJ heroes
After a few Years of Clublive i started to play as DJ in the 90..s. Together with a friend we created a regular After Hour Sundy in a small Club for 400 PPL every sunday and had gigs in some great Clubs round about Frankfurt / Mainz / Bingen. In those times i met one of the greatest EDM Producers ever, Torsten Stenzel, and was often with him in his Studio to learn how EDM works and what producing really is. I met alot of Big names of those times there like Taucher, Sunbeam, York, Genlock, RMB and many more cause in this times Torsten aka ACE was one of the greatest Remixers and Producer. Later on i met ppl like Sakin and some great voices like Janet wich was the female Voice on "braveheart" Song from Sakin, or "Miracle" from Taucher.
After 6 Years of great times in spinning and beeing with those biggies i left the scene to take an outtime and mybe to come back someday....
...Now i..ll create a comeback on ah.fm the best radiostation in the world and hey you can hear me on ah.fm with my monthly own Show --SYMPHONIC EMOTIONS--in the next time or catch me spinning in a club. ...and now after this 9 year break, im here...on AH.FM
So watch out Jay

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Richard Fuchs, to many people better known as dfx, has been in touch with music all of his life. Born in Graz, Austria, 27 years ago, both of his parents were classical guitar teachers, but nonetheless he could never really identify himself with classical music, or any other popular music that was around him for that matter. Only after many years, by the advance of internet radio, he came into touch with trance music, and instantly fell in love with this sound.
Over the years, he developed a strong musical taste and is now a passionate trance and progressive music enthusiast. The natural progression of this development is clear: he became a DJ himself, spinning only the best tunes of all time, which quickly earned him many fans locally and internationally.




Everything started two years ago, with no eqipment but infinite love for electronic dance music, especially Trance. It was then when Andreas Follner, as DJ better known as a'ndY, realized that he didn't just wanted to listen to the music, but also to introduce it to other people. He started out with software and a small 2 channel mixer, but soon came to realize that the boundaries set by that setup are way too tight. So he invested in CDJs and a clubmixer, which raised the quality of his sets to a new level and he could show his skills on several radioshows on Afterhours.FM, Liquid.FM and Missionmusic.de. The thought-out buildup, together with the track selection characterize his sets, and makes them a lasting experience.

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DJ Transformer


DJ Transformer has been in the DJ business since 1995. His first track "push it" went number 5 in the German dance charts already in 1996. Under his artist name he released numerous tracks such as "The Latin Rhythm" and "Ecstasy". Ecstasy was a club hit especially in Germany and Switzerland. Many other productions had success in the charts as well. Moreover the trance compilation " Trance ClassX" compiled by DJ Transformer was released in 2003 including tracks from Paul van Dyk, Energy 52 and Quench. In the course of the last years Transformer developed his style more and more towards a mere trance act which is also underlined by his latest project "Transformer on Maui-Haleakala"!



Dj Transformer
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Ray McPhoney


Ray McPhoney has dance music in his blood from the day he was born.
At the tender age of 9 he sales mixtapes at school.Even as a teenager he was showing huge interest for hip-hop and breakdance,he started to hang out with the guys from the group called "Dynamic Skills" and learn his first breakdance steps.
In 1997 Ray is getting interest for Electronic Music.He began to play Pumping-Tech-House but during the last 3 years his style change to Progressive-House.
Moreover,he spending a lot of time and money in getting new records so we can say him to be areal Vinyl-Freak!Exellent mixing and a good taste for music are the reasons that Ray McPhoney is one of the finest progressiv dj's in Vienna.
2004 Ray is starting as a producer...Nowadays his Tracks are played by SANDER KLEINENBERG,DJ TARKAN,PAOLO MOJO,NIKOLA

MySpace.com - Ray McPhoney - Vienna, AT - Progressive / House / Trance - www.myspace.com/raymcphoney2


It was one of these days you believe your dreams can come true. So Meanda's career as a DJ began in spring of 2002 by sending a demo-tape to a big Austrian DJ contest, sponsored by one of the most known national electronic music websites then. Out of over 70 competitors he reached the 3rd place.

Becoming an exclusive artist for a famous Austrian event- and booking agency and gigs on several Austrian and German radio stations followed this recent success. The demand for his services as a DJ reached throughout Austria to Clubs in Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovenia. With the international VJ-project “Das Klangbild”, sessions of Meanda`s DJ-ing were recorded and broadcasted on some of the biggest national private television channels like LT1 and the Viennese Channel Puls TV. Together with his international performances these TV-shows are the highlights of Meanda`s musical career.

Meanda`s performances are full of different harmonic and melodic highlights which are the most outstanding features of the music he plays. Every one of his sets is unique and forms a melodic whole in itself. By and by he got known as a DJ with a particular talent at responding to the audience.

After all Meanda decided to reduce his number of performances on stage to spend more time on composing his own pieces of music. His compositions use the monotonous and hypnotic electronic rhythms as a carrier for engraving and emotional melodies made of several voices, never leaving the genre of underground (progressive) trance music. Different effects based on the endless possibilities of electronic music and self-recorded vocals, instruments and noises are completing his collages of sound. Meanda`s first release will be on one of these days you believe your dreams can come true...

David Barnes


David Barnes was born in February 1986 in Linz, Austria. Catched by the ermerging electronic dance scene of the early 90s, David bought his first Technics record player at the age of 12.

Instead of pursuing other teenager-like hobbies, David got to know the resident DJ of the biggest club in his hometown, DJ Tom H (now one part of Tom Daynes / Fenology Rec.). The 2 got friends and from now on - at the age of 14 - David started to test his abilities on the turns in the club.
It took him 3 years from that time until he got his first resident job at Pasha Linz. It was this residency that opened a lot of other great chances to David: Gigs at the Big Sunflower Festival, Unite Parade, Bungalow 8 and others followed. From now on he was no more a stranger to the Austrian Dj scene.

In early 2007, he started producing his first solo track called "Tauchstation" together with Dan Heatcliff.
Not signed yet, this dirty bass monster started infect the local djs like a virus and rumbled nearly every dancefloor in Upper Austria.
No wonder that Navida Records was pleased to sign the tune for territory Europe / Asia while Real Music Records is going to spread this tune amongst the US Jockz.

Release is set in February 2008, so stay tuned for action...

Daniel Heatcliff


At the age of 23, Austrian based producer Daniel Heatcliff comes up with a long discography on commercial club tunes. In 2007 he decided to focus his production skills on his favourite genres only: Trance, House & Electro - starting with a huge release on Fenology Records together with his friend TOM H under the pseudonym "Tom Daynes". The first track "breathe" was played by no others than Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Matt Darey and many more. In early 2007 Dan teamed up with Austria's Trance DJ Nr. 1 DJ Observer which resulted in Interference / Hold On. Bundled with a massive Ali Wilson Remix it found it's way into nearly all the top trance DJ's playlists. 2007's worldwide number one DJ Armin van Buuren supported the track in his radio show A State of Trance as well as Judge Jules (played it in his BBC Radio 1 Show twice !!), Markus Schulz (support on Global DJ Broadcast), Marco V, Menno de Jong, Matt Darey, Agnelli & Nelson, The Flash Brothers and many, many more. In summer 2007 Observer & Dan decided to create their own musical platform including a digital label - Navida Music was born. The first release on Navida Records - the label itself - soon followed: DJ Observer ft. Irisa Lane - Sunrise Reloaded was both co-written and co-produced by Mr. Heatcliff and again got massive support by well known Jocks such as Markus Schulz, Andy Moor, Gareth Emery and many more. World renowned DJ Magazine marked this tune as "Austria's breakthrough into the European trance landscape", rating it 5/5!! Apart from his own (co-)productions Daniel had the honour to do remixes on tracks from Gareth Emery (voted world's number 31 dj) and Amnesia Ibiza resident Brian Cross. While Dan and Obsi's Remix for Gareth Emery's "More than anything" found it's way to Judge Jules BBC Radio 1 show once again, their remix for "Brian Cross - Sunny Rain" was released on Robbie Rivera's Juicy Music !! For 2008 two co-produced releases are already scheduled as well as his long-awaited solo debut, for which American songwriter Alexander Perls (PvD's White Lies, ...) provided the vocals. Let's see what tomorrow brings...

The Wash


The Wash – not Mr. Proper and the guy from the Cilit Bang Advertisement hide behind this declaredly weird alias, infact the two up-and-coming talents Clemens Buerbaum and Stefan Bauer try to bring a fresh breeze into the global clubscene.
Their project actually started for private parties just to have fun, but after a while they decided to appear to the public under a combined name to bring the people their definition of feel-good dance music. Around progressive they try to achive a genre comprehensive web of awesome beats, electrifying melodies and pounding basslines without thinking in pigeonholes. Because good music just sounds good!

Tenshi and Luniq 9 pres. THE WASH - official homepage
Daniele D'Agnelli


Eine zufällig angeschleppte Happy-Hardcore-CD meines Bruders sollte sich als mein erster Kontakt zur elektronischen Musik erweisen. Geschwindigkeit und Intensität dieses Genres übten anfangs eine sehr große Faszination auf mich aus. Dieser Sound bescherte mir aber ausschließlich den Einstieg. So hatte ich über Sven Väth’s "L’Esperanza" meinen ersten Kontakt zu Trance und über Richie Hawtin’s Remix von System 7’s "Alpha Wave" den ersten zu Techno.

1996 folgten dann die ersten Club-/Raveerlebnisse (vorerst nur als Gast). Dabei zählten vor allem die BOOMBASTIC-Events in Linz zu den am meist besuchten. Die dort gesammelten Eindrücke führten schließlich zu meinem ersten Plattenkäufen. Nicht unerwähnt bleiben darf diesbezüglich Little T., der mir damals viele nützliche Tips gegeben hat.
An diese Zeit schloss sich der steinige Weg über diverse Privatparties bis zum ersten Rave-Gig am From Dusk till Dawn 1997 an. In diesem Zusammenhang geht ein großes Dankeschön an L. A. Casa von Cosmic-Age Productions für diese Gelegenheit!
Mit meinem Bruder bin ich viel unter dem Alter Ego "Da Brothers gonna work it out" unterwegs, wo wir unsere Definition von fast allen Stilen elektronischer Musik zum Besten geben. Wir veranstalteten auch immer wieder Events und Clubnights, wie den l’etage music club (2000), den club evista (2001/2002), den CODE Club @ Tolum (2002) und das being driven (2002 und 2003).
Im Jahr 2003 bot sich für uns die Chance im Club Fast Forward in Barcelona erstmals auch ausserhalb des deutschsprachigen Raumes aufzulegen. Wir bestritten zusammen mit Frank Prins die Austrian Night im April, und sehen dieses Event als unbestrittenes Highlight unseres bisherigen Wirkens. Mehr als nur gefreut habe ich mich auch über den Gig am Muthaland im selben Jahr.
Die folgenden Jahre boten als Highlight zwei Gigs in Tschechien und viele nette Gigs in Österreich und Deutschland. Für 2008 steht bereits ein weiterer Gig in Barcelona fest. Stilistisch versuche ich mich keinen stilistischen Grenzen zu unterwerfen. Es entscheidet immer das Publikum wohin die Reise geht.

heya PPL:super:

I jsut talked to DJ Observer and said, that he will be here with us at 20.00 CET and also will be in the chat for you for a while.

Hes sorry that he cant be here all the time but he wants to catch you all in the chat and board

So watch out
Someone once told me that Austria is a white dot on the European trance map! Obviously not with a whole lineup for 24 hours....can't wait! :super:
First of all, congratulations for this event. Very very good line up (dfx told me there aren't trance djs in austria :p).

JayCan, very good job whith that info.

There are too many days left ... I'll be waiting!
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Here's the English version of my biography which was posted in German a few days ago :)

I experienced my first contact with electronic music through a Happy-Hardcore-CD of my brother, which I came across by accident. I was fascinated by the speed and intensity of that genre. But this was only the beginning. Through Sven Väth’s "L’Esperanza" I got introducted to Trance and via Richie Hawtin’s Remix of System 7’s "Alpha Wave" to Techno.

1996 I had my first Club-/Rave experiences but only as guest and not as DJ. During that time I mainly went to the BOOMBASTIC-Events in Linz (Upper Austria), which induced me to buy my first records. It was also very fortunate to have a very good friend named Little T, who helped to push me in the right direction and who always kept encouraging me. Thanks Little T! I first started playing at private parties, till I eventually had my first rave gig at “From Dusk till Dawn” in 1997. Herewith I would like to use the opportunity to thank L. A. Case from Cosmic Age Productions, who gave me the opportunity and believed in me!

Together with my brother we formed the alter ego "Da Brothers gonna work it out" under which we play our definition of all styles of electronic music. We also arranged events and club nights such as l’etage music club (2000), the club evista (2001/2002), the CODE Club @ Tolum (2002) and the being driven (2002 und 2003).

In 2003 we were given the great opportunity to play at Club Fast Forward in Barcelona, which was our first Gig outside the German speaking regions and it turned out to be a great success. We played together with Frank Prins at the Austrian Night in April, which was the absolute highlight in our career. In the same year I also got the offer to DJ at Muthaland, which I was more then happy about.

In the following years I had two gigs in the Czech Republic and a number of gigs throughout Austria and Germany. For the year 2008 I already have planned a further gig in Barcelona. I always try not to submit myself to any stylistic boundaries. The audience always decides where the journey goes to.
Hello Danielle

Welcome to AH.fm the greates Musik Station and Community in the world :mml:

check your Profile mate :)
:music: great to read .. .. .. :book: all the information on these pages .. .. .. :cap:

Looking forward to the event :wow:
and I will be there at Monday, September 29 !