2nd Phase - Control The Floor 036 on AH.FM 24-07-2016

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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2nd Phase


01. Steel Grooves - Innuendo (Original Mix) [Layer909]
02. 2nd Phase - Agenda 21 (Dualtik & Pedro Delgardo Remix) [Techburst]
03. V111 - Guns & Candles (Original Mix) [Shout Records]
04. Harvey Mckay - Dropout (Original Mix) [Intec]
05. Persohna - Overt Joy (Original Mix) [Stomper]
06. M.I.K.E Push - Bound To Redshift7 (2nd Phase Remix) [Grotesque]
07. Tempo Giusto & Ima'gin - Pachinko (Original Mix) [Outburst]
08. Mark Sherry & Alex Di Stefano - Everyone Is Looking For Us (Original Mix) [Outburst]
09. HP Source - Maverick (Original Mix) [Kearnage]
10. Project 8 - Audiological Warfare (Original Mix) [Outburst]
11. Menno de Jong - Ahimsa (2nd Phase Remix) [ITWT]
12. John O'Callaghan - Lies Cost Nothing (Will Atkinson Remix)

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MP3 file + tracklist: uploaded :good: all ready for broadcast

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WTF is playing right now? This is definitely Techno/House and does not belong broadcasted on the ah.fm channel! I don't enjoy it.
Haha, I gotta admit ah.fm is advertised as a trance channel but this techno is ace! :)
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