30-01-2007 Ukraine in the Mix 001

will be a very nice day, i know ill be tunning in for most of the day. Wanted to say grea job renovo getting all this talent and flyer together. All shows are in order and ready to go :)
Thanks man... not only I worked on this :) But its gonna be good! yaaa
ok! The previous two dj's had fantastic sets, IMHO. There's the 3rd in a line, Dj Link. The begining is a kind of melodic
Good morning :P I just woke up.. It's time for a bath... ;) But I'll be back :P
Hi everybody, im back :itsme:

Tuned in with Tiernan o'Neil - Shine... this song before.
It's wonderful, that in every country live people, that love electronic music.
It makes us coming together!

So... GO GO UKRAINE :super: GO GO DJ LINK :super:

edit: Oh another lovely song :heartbeat: Lolo - Why...
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Currently there is no music..
This silence shouldnt happen.:mad:

How long did dj link keep recording nothing?.
I thought only me have some troubles with sound...
What's goint on with the servers? I have Link's mix - it shouldnt be a silence!
'morning all!
maybe there is something wrong because no sound at this end as well,that's odd
Ok where's Dan? Something is definitely wrong with the server...
Dan is sleeping and Kowy doesnt respond..:(