30-08-2007 The Thrillseekers Exclusive Mix

Ive seen quite a few remixes of this but you cant beat the original mix...or firewall mix whatever he calls it lol


Sounds like he learned about naming tracks from the folks at Cold Harbour. It's like those producers who keep releasing massive new tracks whose names end in "(Sean Tyas Remix)".

I am listening with headphones otherwise neighbours would be already here kicking my a*s badly..lol
well,this show is sounding really great enjoying it :loveah:

The problem with the neighbours complaining isn't that they're complaining, it's that they usually yell and make noise, and that makes it hard to hear the music.

Oh, such a nice tune. Too bad I have to step away for a moment... :(

Somebody get me an ID so I can look it up later.
w00t PvD :)
I'm back! But I missed most of the track.

Welcome back to magik.

What was that transition? A wreck, or did I just have a stream problem?
The first couple 'woiw woiw' sounds in this track always make me think of Racoon - Love You More.

What track is this anyway?
Bulldozer \o/