31-01-2008 Marcus Schulz Presents GDJB

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/me wonders why TCL has sucha frightening avatar.
Btw I didnt like the remix of Missing by Everything But the girl. It was a complete mess of that wonderful original track

Edit: That was "Wrong" and not missing!
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Marcus is always quite dramatic when he speaks lol
man that track kills me everytime i hear it!! the vocals are just perfect! :mask:

just wondering how does it feel now when u know how the girl look behind the voice?? :mask:
I guess it wont be any worse :super:
oh f*ck now the Scion adds kicked in grrrrrrrrrrr :mad:

now I remember why I hate DI.... :p
Noooooo I missed it....deserves a replay (Saturday Morning would be nice lol)