4 tracks to ID (3 left)


Jan 16, 2007
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4 tracks to ID (1 left)

can anybody help me to id few samples attached down here??
at this time only the second one is unknown...

Flash Music Player - id

1. plastic angel - try walking in my world (daniel kandi rising mix)
2. ??
3. will holland – tears in the rain (alex m.o.r.p.h b2b woody van eyden remix)
4. cellec - love of my life (kamil polner and sender remix vocal rework)

thx for any response :grinning:
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2. no clue

3. Alex Morph ill id full later
4. Cellec - Love Of My Life
track 2 possibly a remix of Snap - The Power, or of course just sampled the lyrics
2. Snap! - I've got the power (eric prydz remix)

I think this is it.
Ok, well I'm pretty sure it's a remix of I've got the power, I heard it in there. There's probably like 10 different versions of it.