7000 members!!!


Thank you all !!

Really its been a really wonderful year, a hard one... but AH staff has been a great help.

It's basically a team effort, I called it AH Family :) thx all!!

End of Year Countdown was created to thank you all for massive support!
great job everyone, the station will grow even faster now
before we know it well be looking back at the time when we only had 7000 members
AH did deserve this! Congrats :)
hi Good job, continued like this, many many listeners, and many many of new record for AH.FM , AT COME
Well done ah.fm!

In such a short time it has become one of the most recognized internet radio stations!!

Congrats to Dan & the ah.fm team!!
wow. As can be seen we grow up.

Such a situation it probably he is a perfect present from the chance mikołaja for DAN