Nov 6, 2007
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Hello... Im a new guy here from Denmark....:loveah:

Im looking for at number been played here mutch the short time i have been here...

Ill bee waiting till the sky falls down.... it goes.... So nice and will be nice to know who have made the number and remixed it...

Can anybody help me....?:music:
All i need is one good answer
To understand why you are gone
Everything reminds me of you
Without you i cant go on

I'll be waiting
Till the sky falls down
Till you come around, baby

I'll be waiting
Till the sky falls down
Let the rain clouds come

Dash Berlin-Till the Sky Falls Down
Dash Berlin myspace
check out his player on myspace page includes many remixes of Till the Sky Falls Down

is it the song you're looking for?

welcome by the way :welcome:
Really a good tune :) Only really known either :)