a lower bitrate for listeners without dsl connections?

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May 27, 2006
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as title says:I have been often asked by friends and relatives if there is a chance one day AH.fm might offer also lower bitrate(s) for users-listeners that do not have available high speed connections
just as example, a friend of mine living in southern Italy and connecting to the internet with a gprs can't listen 96k either because sound will buffer like mad:(

I know lower bitrates do not offer the best sound quality,but anyway would be nice if also dial-up users could have the chance to listen to this awesome radio

Thank You Stella, this has been brought up to me by a few people already, and yes a lower bitrate is in works, it might be 24 aac. or 48 aac.

Thank You once again for bringing this up. Ill do my best to bring this new bit rate as soon as possible.
thank you Dan, I am sure peoples connecting via dial-up will appreciate it ;)

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:ah:Sounds like agood idea there...
Everyone should be able to taste the Afterhours spirit ;)
Good for ppl using dial up ineed.

ps. delete the 192k please ;)

320k for the win!!

As there appears to be a need for a slower bandwidth its

great that this site can step in and help them, more power to you.

I shall certainly pass this on to my friends and etc.

Excellent stuff.

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