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Nov 17, 2006
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haha i was listening to a show on afterhours this night.. 17,11,2006..it was a shpw after the under sun - the sounds of scandinavia... I think the show i'm talking about is called .. power trance or something. plz help and maybe give me the tracklist for that show..and also...a song in that show...a girl thats sings about sex/**** ,, ex. i like it how you **** me,, its a techtrance song.... and last..this is my first post here..thnx
heheh, welcome :)

I think HERE is teh solution to your problem, but I can't tell exactly which song was about sex/fscking :)
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thnx alot..do you know what show that came after the scandinavian sounds ? I think it was called " Power Trance " or maybe you can tell me how to find a history of shows that has been played here..i'm new and a noob :super: thnx anyway
I personally like the the sound of scandinavia the most of all ah shows. ziustem Didnt seem to understand you esset :P Im not sure what came after under sun, but ill find out. Im not bad at track idling either .

Maybe it was a replay of RAW..
well, it seems I misunderstood a little bit :) ...anyway esset, you can usually find HERE tracklistings of sets aired on AH... good luck ;)
thnx for the help this far...but would love to get that playlist...or just the song...as I said..a techy trance ksong with a girl singing/taling about having sex /and or/ ******* someone.