Abelton Live 6, anyone has it yet?

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Sasha Pidann

May 6, 2006
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Has anyone upgraded yet to Ableton 6.0

Im thinking of upgrading my Live 5.2 to 6.0

My question is, it is worth the extra cash to upgrade? any NOTICEABLE improvements over 5.2?

If any one has any experience with this upgrade yet, please share your thoughts.

Also, is the program backwards compatible with old plugins and packs?


Watch some short movies on the official Ableton site and everything will be clear I think. IMO Live 6 is great!
I bought the boxed 6.0 upgrade from 5.2 and Sampler.

I think it depends on what exactly you use Live for if you will notice big differences. I myself have not yet used a lot of the features yet, so I can't give you a complete overview, but some things I noticed so far are:

New mp3 codecs support: With Live 5.2 i previously had a lot of mp3s that did not open in the program cause it could not decode it. I had to convert those tracks to wav manually to use them. Now with Live 6.0 all those mp3s load with no problems.

Finding missing tracks: With Live 5.2 you had to search for all missing tracks in a project yourself. Live 6.0 has a smart feature that can figure out where tracks might be after you show it the location of one of the missing tracks. For example if you have a folder C:/Music with all your music, and you moved it's location to F:/Data/Music, Live can automatically replace your missing tracks after you replaced one yourself. This proved very useful for me; I was working on a set with already over 50+ tracks in it while I moved my music collection.

The Essential Instrument Collection: that comes with the boxed version of Live 6.0 provides you with several gigabytes of high-quality sounds from pianos, guitars, brass, woodwinds, choirs, etc. Very nice if you produce your own tracks!

New Deep Freeze: The new Deep Freeze option now allows you to still re-arrange or loop your frozen tracks. This Freeze option is used when you are working on CPU-intensive projects and allows you to temporarily save the contents of MIDI-channels to wav while you don't have to change any of the sounds in there. Freezing tracks can seriously reduce the use of the CPU.

I advise you to take a close look at all the preview videos on the Live 6 site and see if there is anything new that could be of use to you. If you can't find much, then I would advise you to keep using Live 5.2 for a while, which is still a great program :)
Im using live 6 rite now, upgraded from 5.2. Love it, deff worth it.
The way I see it, if you use the application for the sole purpose of DJing, then an upgrade isn't necessary. 5.2 is sufficient for that. If you use the app for production, there is several new features that are helpful (especially the deep freeze),
Ableton i have, but i just dont quite feel it,

i go with propellerheads reason 4.0, works fine with me,
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