About Last Night.....


Oct 11, 2007
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So, what did you freaks do last night?

Me, I stayed at home unfortunately:cry::confused:

You may now tell all about your indulgences in women, alcohol, drugs and whatever else you people are into:P

I stayed at home too >_>
/me also stayed in lol
i stayed home yayyy tired from a long flght (4hours) and drank with jedrek...

nothing special... but i was tuned in and was relaxing.
stayed home chooned into AH.FM:music:
stayed home and dropped a spontaneous 3 hour set, probably annoying the neighbors lots while doing so :)
I played at a friends house party for a little bit, but then the alcohol started to kick in hard. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to mix when you're drunk. g0t trainwrecks? lol

After that we just put an album on. Counted down the new year...then everyone jumped into the pool.

Kowy & DJ Abstraction kept me company on MSN whilst I was running about.
I stayed home too, FTW...

I see that the vast majority of us stayed at home :)
stayed at home too :lol:

i jut saw the news a club here in Lisbon was robbed at 6 am of the morning, they took 7.000 euros and shoot a girl employee, becoming dangerous in this city:P:P