above and beyond- home (stoneface and terminal remix)

bangin :choon: for sure. drop this track around peak time and you're guarranteed dance floor madness. :wow:
nothing special, didnt need another remix... club mix was enough..
anything wippenberg did was boring to me..

+1 (and fixed)

Club mix is the best, Wippenberg has dished out yet another piece of :thumbsdown:

I haven't heard the S&T mix, I'll check it out soon
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I just heard this song..

This is one of those songs that in a club, has got to sound F*CKING GOOD

Just listen to that kick! Its so damn hard my headphones are freaking vibrating my head...and the bass is :music:

The best part of the song is the beginning of the buildup, with that AWESOME synth! That is just beautiful, that synth, its reminds me of the lead synth in As The Rush Comes...both have a bassy feeling to them but have a melodic feeling too..

This mix is massive!!!!

the Club mix is also great, and quieter, so its kind of better for your ipod

But Stoneface & Terminal is really impressive lately, their More Than Anything remix and now this....they really know how to make some good party trance

:choonalert: :choonalert: :choonalert: :choonalert: :choonalert:

:choon: :choon: :choon: :choon: :choon: :choon: :choon: