Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (ATB Remix)


Oct 30, 2007
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A very tidy track indeed, as most atb mixes are. Nice and smooth, even into the acid-style part of the song. Can be found on Above & Beyond's Tri-state remixes album.
Do u mean the 2006 track ? If so, then fully agreed !!!
by far THE best remix!
It ws probably released back then, but it's been released by A&B themselves on the remix album. I also quite like the Airwave remix of air for life. Airwave do some mean remixes, check out their remix of 'Love Theme Dusk' by Mike Foyle Feat. Signalrunners if you wanna creame yourself!
airwave remix is good. the andy moor edit he plays out is incredible. genius!
I like this tune in general. It's so emotional somehow :cry:
You should hear him rip this track up live- if you havent already...it was FREAKING AWESOME in Chicago may this year. When he spun this, he basically created a whole new tune....a really GREAT new tune. I hope to hear that again...but I think it was a whim kinda thing, like ATB likes to do....
I like the vocal a lot :love: Absolutely good :lovers:
It's a very nice remix, probably one of ATB's better productions. I like how it is more driving than the original! :) Overall it's a fantastic track. The lyrics are sung really well and are quite striking I think.
i can't stand it, really painful vocals for my ears on this one :yucky:
I listened this tune alot a few years ago. That's probably why I like it now..I remember to like the atb mix the most of all..
ATB hasnt been sounding alot lately, where did he go?