Above & Beyond presents OceanLab


May 25, 2007
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Many of you will be familiar with OceanLab, Above & Beyond’s project with Justine Suissa, from their club anthems ‘Clear Blue Water’, ‘Sky Falls Down’ and ‘Beautiful Together’.

Even if you’re not, now’s the perfect time to check out the outfit, with the release of their debut album ‘Sirens of the Sea’. Recorded in Ibiza earlier this year, the album reflects both sides of the island as well as the combined musical passions of OceanLab, with a varied mix of blissed out epics and dancefloor cuts.

You can listen to the album and watch the stunning video to the single ‘Miracle’ on the OceanLab Myspace – just click the banner below!

Above & Beyond have always delivered quality Chooons. Like....always. Just when you think they couldn't release a more beautiful track....BANG:choon:

Siren's of the Sea is another fine example of the talent and unchallenged consistency that Anjuna Beats has.

Don't Stay In !
I have the album for some time. Lonely Girl pwns everything :super:

Are you freaking kidding me? :mask: The best tune on that disk is without a doubt "On A Good Day". Besides that, it's an OK album. Nothing special. Had expected more of Above & Beyond.
I also got the album for some time now and i must say, i absolutly love the tracks on this album, i just want to turn it on max volume sit back and relax the amazing tracks on this album.

I really like On the beach...
I find it too slow. some of the lyrics are kinda lame, and they repeat some in other songs. Lovin the remixes of 'Beautiful together', 'Sirens of the Sea' and 'satellite' though!