Absolute Best Audiophile Headphones for Listening


May 19, 2010
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Thought I'm a regular at the Head-Fi forums, I found it a good idea to post here as well the very same question, given that AH.FM airs exclusively the only genre of music I listen to.

So to all those here, I need your expertise with regards to the absolute best audiophile headphones (cans/in-ear) solely for listening to trance/techno/progressive. I'm absolutely psyched because my Ultrasone 900 PRO's arrive tomorrow, and are infamous on the Head-Fi forums for my particular genre(s). :super:
Forgot to mention one important detail; budget. I'm not concerned with a budget for now, rather I'm only interested in gathering opinions based on your experriences, and in case I ever decide to upgrade from my 900 PROs.
Nevermind, just bought a pair of Westone 4's. Nuff' said.
Sennheiser HD800. If you can go with balanced. And if you have the money, again lol.