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Aerotek - KubRubik [Transtechnia Records]


May 26, 2007
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The upcoming Chilean electronic music producer Stefano Giangrandi, aka Aerotek, founder of Transtechnia Records, has teamed up with LW Recordings to bring us his first EP to be distributed on a large scale: KubRubik.


KubRubik is Aerotek's first EP to feature 2 tracks with an old-school, almost 80's kind of sound. Clearly influenced by artists such as Michael Cassette, Scope and Kris Menace, this release sure will make the dancefloor shake and dance out of control.

"What I intended to do here was what I try to do every time I make new music: expand the boundaries a little further. As I was born at the end of the 80's, my first sonic experiences had a lot to do with the field of Disco and old-school electronica, the kind of music that included heavy analogue basses, mellow analogue pads and chorusing arps. I've always tried to make those sounds but never could do it correctly until now, until I made KubRubik!"

The 2-tracked EP will be sold upfront on Audiojelly this 18th of October and you can join the spree on more digital shops from the 1st of November on.


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