Aerotek - TranceSound Guest Mix


May 26, 2007
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Don't consider me a traitor for playing at They got hold of me first!!

Well, anyways, the mix came out pretty tight and harmonic. They are very enthusiasmed with it, and as a gift for this radio, i'll give you the link for you to download. Consider that it is the third mix I record for distribution, so don't expect something like friggin' Armin Van Buuren...

(as an assh*le, I forgot to put the link. It is just after Magik's 'reminder').

Hope someone gets as interested as the guys at the other site.


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hiya aerotek...could you please post a direct link to the mix

thanks in advance :)
crap, I forgot!!

Thanks for reminding, me, girl! you rock (and so does Lost in Trance 51-52)

* didnt forget....the link just goes to another forum, please upload the set to yousendit/sendspace for direct download from here.....thats the rules :)*
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darn, I thought it could be downloaded from there...

T R A C K L I S T :

1) Aerotek - Flying Daggers (Intro Mix)
2) Jaytech - Engage
3) Mind Eye feat. Emphased Reality - Shimmer (Ava Mea Remix)
4) Alex Monakhov - Sunset Breeze
5) Joel Armsotrong - Vesper's Eventide
6) Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes (Markus Schulz & Elevation Coldharbour Remix)
7) Niklas Harding presents Arcane - Red Jewel (Aerotek Burned Re-Edit)
VIII) Aerotek - Heaven's Gate (Aerotek's Transtechnia Remix)
9) Luminary - Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix)
10) Fable - Above
11) Kuffdam & Plant - Dream Makers (Shogs2Faces Remix)

Hope you like it! :music: