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May 25, 2006
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Hey all,

I just aired Astrosessions 027, which feature several mashups from talent here at While making the set I realized that a lot of these tracks should get way more exposure, because they are top-notch and quality.

I have an idea to set up a promo pool for A place where producers can leave their new productions/mash-ups at a single FTP location and DJs can come login and download them to use for thier sets.

Of course we would have to login/pass this service for use only to official residents of to prevent it from being shared everywhere. But I think having this pool will be great for allowing producers here to get more exposure. It will also attract more non-DJs and producer only folks who want to get exposure also.

What do you guys think?

I have some hosting, it's not a whole lot, but it should be enough for the initial start of this.

Matt Ng

:ah: :ah: :love:
sounds like a great idea, I wish I could host this but right now I dont have enought space nor bandwidth.

Its a good start, all depends on what other people think :)
im in, ive heard a lot of great songs coming from talent on this station and would love to feature it on my show
Great idea! :) Running out of promos... :)| Hope to see n20 in here!! :LMAO: :LMFAO:
Ok, looks like there is enough interest, I will try and figure something out with my hosting. I'll update you guys when I have something to work with.
I'm interested in this great idea. Gonna see our friends what doing nowaways ;) Eyes on you.
sounds interesting .... AvB hav the same for his asot show ... so