Afterhours.FM User Bars??

here is one for forum use... 350X20 size... enjoy

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refresh for the newbies who want to add a banner to thier name!
i see you have the same small font issues as me... try making the font a vector file from illustrator...

Set your font to sharp in the text properties box and save the image as a gif :grinning:
I cant add any bars on my signature :(
I've created these a few weeks ago.. The background color is the same as on this site.. :)
Basically the only difference is the afterhours-text..



I know they are pretty simple.. But I like it that way..
If you want them with some other text, tell me and i'm trying to make it.. Doesn't take more than 2-3 minutes to edit the text correctly.. :)
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Sporting a bar

Thanks to JeffreySource for the use of his "addict" bar, though I guess it comes across a little small under the size constraints, eh? I guess that, as they say, is about the size of it...

Yeah, well it was like smokin' crack... I was addicted to AfterHours.FM from the very first taste!
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what do you think of this? :)


i just made it :S

оr this - the same but with different motion effect

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what about this?

You should Google "userbar", because that my friend, is not how it's done.
I like it that way, what`s the problem?