Afterhours Tattoo!


Feb 24, 2007
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Hello artist's

the AH logo is perfect. Except when it comes to making it into a tattoo

The actual ah with the full under it just doesn't show up.
Need some help with the logo, keeping it the same, but adding some boarder around it so it will work well on dark, tanned, olive and whiter skin.

Anybody have an idea on what to do with it? or some basic attemps at some quick drawings?

I will purchase the first tattoo set for the provider of the final AH tattoo logo with my hard earned cash:hello:

As one should expect, the AH team will need to approve, but think that the AH members should vote?
ill make 50 and give them to dan... color preference? white? red? black?
Excellent, can you take one of the several AH logo's and make them Black on Grey? with an Orange " thats big enough to read, when sized on a tattoo 5cm x 5cm?

here is all the artwork currently created:AH artwork

the area between the ah should be clear. Not sure what colour the letters AH should be, but an off-black, or a white may work.
Some great ideas! What about an afterhours drink or something? Anyone got any ideas? (a bit off topic sorry)
a drink? hmm... what would be in it? anwho maly... call me... you know the missing number 369-*666
Perhaps at least one shot(1oz.) of a good Vodka.
Now what is the worlds best vodka?
We certainly don't make it here in Canada, that I'm aware of:p