Afterhours Worldwide Map


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May 1, 2006
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Hello all clubbers!! :hug: all of you !!

I just wanted to share this little image i got from google analytics for AH website. This is only AH visitors to the website, this does not 100% mean AH listeners. 30 days worth of stats.

AH listeners map will be generated something next month, were working on a new system to do that.


Thank you all for making what AH is today !! Family is growing day by day !!
im the northest on the top.... :lol: :super: :loveah:
and Poland of course :) More and more people are tunning in every day the best radio in WEB - AFTERHOURS.FM!! :)
an orange circle seems to be representing the UK
Those spots are even bigger than Holland itself :p Nice stats by the way..
One of those orange dots over Florida is me dammit:super::super::hug:
Wow in central and east Europe is the most of all :)... one big orange dot ... I wonder which dot is me :) :super:
2 billion people in China, and none of them visit AH?

We should check to see if AH is blocked by the Great Firewall.
Celt is somewhere from Asia
I'm a little orange dot in California! :lol:
I love my!:hug:
I must be the only dot over NZ!