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May 1, 2006
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Hello Afterhours community. Over the past months as we all know it has seen some unpleasant situations on the forum. I'm not going to be naming names or any specifics, however I would like to say in life there are ups and downs, some things you will agree with and others you will not, and sometimes you will be unsure of something. From these things you learn to be a better person to yourself and to one another, AH.FM unites us here so we can all talk to each other and relate. Remember were all here to have a amazing time !!!​

Afterhours.FM Community Guidelines

The following Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of Afterhours.FM and to ensure that all members have a good time here.


Always be nice
There's a lot of different people here with a lot of different opinions and views swell cultures. That's great but it also means that everybody should have a high level of tolerance and be nice to people with ideas that are different than their own.

Give us a link
Through the various events we hold, you'll find flyers advertising them. Feel free to post these on your websites/myspace/facebook etc etc. In return we really appreciate that you link back to us whenever you post Afterhours.FM hosted content elsewhere on the web.

Criticize, but do it constructively
Criticism is really good for pushing things forward and making things better. So, please constructively share your opinion so that good things can come out of it. As much as constructive criticism can make things better, unconstructive criticism makes things worse. Always think for a second before posting critique, "Would I appreciate receiving the same comment?".


Share music without the consent of the proper right holders
Any user sharing music illegally runs the risk of having their Afterhours.FM account deleted and being reported to the relevant authorities. You can use the DJ/Producer section of the forum to post samples of your own material. Check out the guidelines in that section for more details. Always respect the right holders of a piece of music and never ever share stolen music, period. If you suspect somebody of breaking the rules please report it right away using the
report message option that appears bottom left of each post in the threads. Posting of stream rips of the shows are not welcome. We post the original file within the shows thread 48hrs after broadcast from DJ's that have granted permission for us to do so.

Rant, flame, troll, spam or be an ass-hole
Afterhours.FM is a social place but it's not the place for you to act out rage from other parts of your life. Don't let a personal issue strain the rest of the community. Inappropriate behavior will put you in risk of having your account deleted. Once again, using the
report message option is much appreciated.

To Sum It Up

Basically, be nice, follow the basic guide and think before you post. In most cases we'll send you a warning before we take other measures and we'll always try to be reasonable. However, if you don't feel these guidelines are appropriate, maybe the Afterhours.FM forum is not for you.

These guidelines have been written down to ensure that everyone within the community has the experience they want. We're not trying to set up rules and regulations for exactly how you should and shouldn't act but rather make clear that this should be a place of respect between people and responsible content posting. We hope you agree and understand. If you do, don't or have any other questions or comments please let us know. Afterhours - Contact Us

The Afterhours.FM Team
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I am not quite sure about that [!], probably just me :wink:, is it a button we should press when someone is doing some of the "Don'ts" things? :smile:

hey mate its a small button on each post on the forum looks like this

when you hit it AH.FM staff gets it, we get a lot of these when people report spam to us, like squall :) thank you!

It is a beautiful one radio that unites so many music fans from around the world :love::love::love::bravo::bravo::bravo:
I like this forum more than any other...everyone here is super nice so far! :D
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I like this forum


You're welcome lilianjie ! :cap: And thanks for your post: makes me aware of AH.FM Community Guide again :book: