AH.FM - Rated #1 Radiostation 3 Years In A Row!!!


Jun 14, 2012
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Results are in for the TrancePodium 2013 Awards. http://www.trancepodium.com/articles/trancepodium-awards-2013-results

And for a 3rd year in a row, Afterhours.FM gets top vote. 1st Place as Best Radiostation again. Just like for 2012, rated #1 outright.

Thank you everyone for your support of AH.FM throughout the year of 2013, and thank you for once again continuing to make us World's #1 Trance Radio. Continue to count on us to provide the Best in Trance & Progressive. No ads, no commercials. Just Music 24/7. Leading Trance Radio. :friends:
Congratulations DJs and AH.FM fans/listeners!!!!!
big thanks to all who voted for us :) means soo much ...
Thank you to everyone who cast their vote Us :friends:
Thank you AH

Congratulations! :loveah:
Can't vote from my work... They restricted my facebook... Some frackin prick's from the HR'... They thought it's nice to work with outside restrictions... Bounch of Aholes if you ask me but I'll vote tonight from home... Hope it's not too late... Was sooo consumed by the ASOT top20of2014 that I was allmost blind to everything else...