AH.FM Reboots

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Jun 23, 2006
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Maybe a little suggestion here for not doing the next reboot during the shows? Because it really messes up a lot for the dj's coming up after the reboot. This reboot is now taking 35 min already and still a lot of dj's have to play. Especially on Thursday when a lot of people tune in after ASOT or after GDJB it could be a turndown i think. no offence tho..

Why not reboot when no shows are on? in that way nobody has to miss anything and everything will still be on time :) + when you do a reboot during that time there will be less listeners affected by this reboot.

cheers :)

edit: k , this was an emergency reboot: no harm done :p there was no way i could know that before making this post.
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I totally agree, rebooting right before a show fucks a lot of things up
this was an emergency reboot. its back up now ..

im in europe now at a cafe so.. i did what i could.

lol, this wasn't planned i can assure you mr. Config...
Too bad there was not way to warn people about a reboot, but once again if it was something that had to be done then it had to be done... so be it
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