AH Premium

Andre Goree

Feb 7, 2014
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If I've already been a Premium member, do I need to now sign-up again for Premium if I want access to [what appears to be] on-demand access to all the sets played? And how far back do the sets go? Are they only to when the announcement was made that there would be no more downloads?
Hello yes if your premium has expired you need to subscribe again and you will be emailed the access info. Sets go back to 2006.
I've purchased a 3 month subscription, and it's telling me that I don't have access to this service. please help
I've got a question about the premium service, too: Is the repository not updated daily or weekly? There is no set/show from 2017 so far. Or is it only updated once per month?
Thanks :)
Can you download sets or is it stream only?
If you can't download sets only stream them, than i would not bother playing for something i am not sure about.