AH Schedule & Fifth Week

Are Live Broadcasts and Special Events so uninteresting for afterhours???
All the regular Shows are only Studio Mixes and i think most of them have been optimized and "perfectionized", especially in today's clubmix-style transitions.
Maybe people love today's trance with its clubmix-style transitions, but overall they are boring hearing them allt he time in every mix.
I have listened in the past weeks to different sets and mixes from the 90's and they have not the clubmix-style transitions of today's trance!
That's a fine difference to today's trance and i love them!
when will there be an uplifting event....with only uplifting music...I love that event back in 2007...that was wonderful
its in plans my friend :) more info in a few weeks

:wow: Pure Powerfull Uplifting Trance Event :super: ... That's Wat I Need :mml: !!

its in plans my friend :) more info in a few weeks
I am first in line for this event :dance:can't wait ........Thank you Dan:hug:
Hope :bravo:DJ.BEE-BEE:super: ROCKS THAT EVENT:)
Looking forward to that one:super::super::super: