AH Shirt

Well, it´s and idea...just a sketch yet....but...:mask:


lol? trying to make it like a soccer jesery?
but its nice,
Where are the hats????!!!

We need hats around here:unsure:

Thats pretty sick I would wear that for sure.
* thanks 2 SLIDEWAYZ - who made me see this thread _ welcome at Afterhours.FM btw !

Well, it´s and idea...just a sketch yet....but...:mask:


:wow: wow, well-done c00l.d00d !:super:
:book: Want at least two: a BIG-LOGO one for partying ! :clap:

:bravo: and a small-logo one for all other events
:dancing: On-Line Store .. .. .. :cap:
I need one of these in my life!!!
or just click STORE at the top of the page cause "xt24.eu - Nadruki - Odzież Reklamowa - Sklepy Dedykowane - Sitodruk - Flex - Flock - Haft - Sublimacja" doesnt make a lot of sense!
will order one on my next pay check:grinning2: the ones that aly and fila wear are amazing with their names in front
I'll go fr one of those for sure !!! :good:

ooft very nice :)

slight criticism's tho, personally i dont think it needs to be so complex at the back if your thinking about wearing it on a regular basis, you know like going out and being seen in it haha :D you could replace the complex stuff with just a simple ah.fm logo at the collar :D

also it would look better in white, in a polo form!

but otherwise yes its good :D