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Ahmed Romel - Only For You (incl. Arctic Moon Remix) [Blue Soho]


Jul 11, 2010
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1.Intro Mix
2.Original Mix
3.Arctic Moon Mix

YouTube - Ahmed Romel - Only For You (Original Mix)

YouTube - Ahmed Romel - Only For You (Arctic Moon Remix)

Holy hell what a trackkkkkk :choon::choon::choon::choon:
Tune in to "OzzyXPM - Blue Soho Session 003 on AH.FM" in 25 mins , Arctic Moon Remix might get played ;)
:wow:both are great:choon:s:love:

If there was one sole motive since the humble beginnings of Blue Soho Recordings, it was to present only the finest in trance, but also re-inject the emotion into the genre. Newcomer Ahmed Romel not only does this in excellent style, he proudly creates one of the most uplifting tracks we have heard in quite some time! With Arctic Moon on the remix once again, this is one package not to be ignored!

'Only For You' is a beautiful uplifter filled with emotion and joy, from the beautiful piano sequence to the authentic strings, to the rushing trance arpeggios and sounds. The flow is fast, but not so much that any feeling of serenity is lost in the process. A real winner from an amazing talent!

Arctic Moon returns to Blue Soho on the remix once again for a killer take on the original. Replacing the wonderful piano with a soulful electric guitar, and inserting even more energy into the main components, this uplifting track will move your body just as much as your mood and feeling!



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