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Alex Leavon - October promo Mix


Jan 31, 2007
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Alex Leavon - October / November 07 Promo Mix

To download : Right Click (save as...)

Or listen it directly with the player on alexleavon.com


1.* * * Algrave "The Longest Journey" [Original Mix]
2.* * * Perpetous Dremaer "Sound of Goodbye" [Nic Chagall Drumbeat Edit]
3.* * * Gareth Emery "More than Everything" [Stoneface & Terminal Mix]
4.* * * Talla 2XLC Feat. Naama Hillman "No inbetween" [John O'Callaghan Remix]
5.* * * Dan Stone "Spinal Chord" [Nitrous Oxide Remix]
6.* * * Thomas Datt "Distance" [Original Mix]
7.* * * Tony de Vit "The Dawn" [Bryan Kearmy Remix]
8.* * * Persequor "Midnight Saviour" [Sean Tyas Remix]
9.* * * Paul Webster & JPW "Wavelength" [Original Mix]
10.* * Master Project "Illuminate" [Club Mix]
11.* * Mindsoundscapes "Evangelion" [Stoneprophet Remix]
12.* * Headstrong Feat. Tiff Lacey "Symphony of Soul" [DJ Choose Bangin Mix]
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This is a cracker of a set. Good work mister.

That's me smiling ..:super:
After listening to your set a few more times...I would say not only is it a 'cracker', I would go as far as to say it is a ******* CRACKER ! ( and that's even better where I come from).
Uplifting to the extreme ...A trance set that tingles the spine .
Many thanks.