Allan O'Marshall Pres. Saura - Saura E.P :::InfraProgressive:::

MK X (Infrasonic)

Jun 14, 2007
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Rainbow Isle and Lost at sea make up the fantastic Saura E.P from Romanian producer Allan O'Marshall, and the next helping on InfraProgressive.
After work on some of the worlds leading labels including Cloud 9 and Monster Allan has become a house hold name over the past 12 months such is the consistency of his productions and this E.P is no different with a variation of styles on each track showing his versatility.

Rainbow Isle heads the package. Rolling drums and a growling bassline make for great listening before beautiful soft chords take centre stage in the breakdown. Tough chunky, progressive trance at its best make this an essential piece of music.

Dark and moody in contrast, Lost at sea takes the E.P down a different route with a tough tribal affair. Superbly written music with minimal influences complete this very impressive debut package from the young romanian.

Support from:

MIKE (Included on his new Compelation) , Andy Moor, Niklas Harding, Manuel Le Saux, MK X, Ernesto & Bastian, Danjo & Styles, Digital Nature, Paul Miller, Pedro De Mar, Talla XL, Probspot, Dj Shah, Michael Splint, Six Senses plus many more.

The E.P can be purchased from:

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