Amsterdam (Super 8 & Tab Remix)


Jan 23, 2008
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any thought/s on this track? I just heard it today and thought the remix is pretty nice. I'ev heard alot of other mix including the orinigal one and its not as good.
i still like the smith & pledger remix better.
great remix.. available on cdjshop, just grabbed :super:
Good, but I liked the original the best
i still like the smith & pledger remix better.

Me too! Smith & Pledger Remix <3 forever!

the best track ;)

but this remix is too very good :)
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I like the super8 & tab one. I liked the smith remix back in time too
It might seem weird but i didn't hear Smith & Pledger remix! :blush: or maybe i heard it but didn't know it was S&P. Anyway, this remix by Super8 & Tab is very enjoyable :) congratz for being Future Favorite on ASOT and for being the 100th release at Anjunabeats! S&T kick ass as always :choon: