An interesting opinion for those who feel Tiesto is a "sellout"


Dec 30, 2007
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I've always enjoyed Tiesto and spent countless hours listening to his music. Now that he has gone more "mainstream", a lot of people seem to have quite a bit of dislike for him. I read this recently on discogs, and it sums up how I feel perfectly (originally posted on discogs by "teknik"):

"When people hear Tiesto's name, they are inclined to think one thing: sellout.
That's quite funny because if you mention his name to people around various parts of this world, most would say "huh? who's Tiesto?" A lot of people forget that a majority of current trance lovers were influenced by the Tiesto sound. In fact, Tiesto does what Tiesto does best, attract a crowd.

When Tijs is behind the decks, only a select few can match his ability to ooze infectious energy & all out fun vibe to their audience. His track selections are mint, his mixing is superb and he also fulfills his role as the Pied Piper of Trance. His popularity is so immense that each time he does a little mistake (like every other mortal being makes), he is criticized and even hated. Every mix compilation he has released has been superb in their own way, capturing a true Tiesto set and spreading the beauty that is trance around the world.

As an artist, his popularity allows him to work with extremely talented individuals, such as Brian Transeau & Junkie XL. His productions are good, though if people regard his music as the standard Trance should be, then they're unfortunately gravely misunderstood.
Personally, I believe he set the wheels of tech-trance in motion. His 'Traffic' & 'Flight 643' are anthems in their own right, and feature aggressive beats and tech-trance riffs. Obviously there were other artists before him who have made the tech-trance sound, but he set the pavement for guys like Sander van Doorn to come.

The once world number 1. DJ is still a pioneer in the trance scene. Just imagine a world without Tiesto, where would Trance be? No Magik, no Nyana, no Gouryella, no Alibi and no searching for sunrises. Scary thought, no?

Forget him being a sellout, remember him as one of the all-time greatest heroes of the Trance scene. "

I just wanted to share that with you guys.
dude, i completely agree with tekniks opinion, but i like the 'old Tiesto' lots better..
:clap2:Couldn't agree with you more. I love him and he does really great concerts and I agree....seeing him live, he is excellent on the decks, track selection is great and he always knows at what precise moment to drop certain tunes, and no one can pump up a party like TIESTO!!!!:bow:
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Just imagine a world without Tiesto, where would Trance be? No Magik, no Nyana, no Gouryella, no Alibi and no searching for sunrises.
that is unimaginable actually when you think
was just browsing and it's schedule. I don't know what to think or to say about the US tour but if he and his management is choosing this way it should mean something. But I would care more about the helth as he's not 19 already...
Tiesto is a legend and one cannot dispute that, and yes he has set the stage for many. I love Tiesto and always will, btw he is wicked live!
However the old Tiesto feels more like he's undying love and devotion to the music. Now it feels like he has become somewhat mainstream, I almost want to say that he plays what he thinks fans want to hear.... I could be wrong thou, so don't quote me on this one.
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I think its safe to say that Tiesto has enterduced a new type of trance in the old days back when trance was nothing as now, you see i live in Jordan and if you ask anyone ( i do mean anyone) about trance the first word to pop in there heads would probably be Tiesto, he is great he has made trance what it is now, we salute him and thank him for all of what he has done and i think that tiesto is just warming up for what could be a new change in the whole Trance nation

Tiesto is good ,but I think is music is a little to mellow