Andain - Promises [Black Hole Recordings]


Nov 8, 2008
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Andain's story is one of divine electronica, spine-tingling lyrics and considerable patience. Clubbers worldwide began to know their music as the euphoric backdrop to the best nights out after trance heavyweight Tiësto snapped up their very first track to license to his Search For Sunrise compilation. But Andain, the band, isn't a traditional dance act.

Andain began as an experimental, electronica group in 2000. Singer/song-writer Mavie Marcos, grew up performing in the theatre and studied classical voice in college. Her musical interests led her to play in acoustic bands until she moved to San Francisco in 1999, where she swapped Puccini for Paul Oakenfold and the heady excitement of clubbing. During that time she met and started writing an album with producer Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden) who had studied composition at the California Institute Of The Arts and was then working as a burgeoning electronic music producer.

Andain's first effort "Summer Calling" was released in 2002 by Black Hole Recordings for Tiësto's in Search of Sunrise series. This launched the band's name into instant celebrity in the dance world. "Beautiful Things," their follow up single best known for the Gabriel & Dresden remix, soon after appeared on Tiësto's Nyana compilation. The song has now become a dance classic, with YouTube views of over 20 million.

Despite the fact that Andain's first full-length album was never officially released -- many of the tracks still drew massive fan acclaim from leaked versions, and were licensed to network television.

Mavie and Josh continued to write together over the years. With the demands of Mavie's publishing deal with Nettwerk and Josh's ever increasing work as an award-winning DJ and producer, their second full-length album would have to wait. Much to their fans' relief, Mavie and Josh decided to reform as a duo, and the resulting full-length record is due for release in Winter 2011.

The first single off the album, "Promises," is scheduled for release on Black Hole Recordings in June. Says Mavie; "We blended natural acoustic sounds throughout the album with electronic percussive ones. We made sure to keep our musical sound pallet, made up of our drum kits and analog synth sounds, consistent throughout. We thought this would result in the most compelling and intricate album for the listener - something that is meant to be listened to, in its entirety, as a cohesive piece of music - not just a string of singles. " The combination of Mavie's classical and rock background with Josh's never ending love of early 80's new wave, mean they balance each other beautifully. As Mavie says; "I'm usually the one pulling for the strings, bells, twinkles and melodic sounds, while Josh is great at creating the darker melancholic textures, the synths and distorted sounds to bite you and feel gritty. Beautiful music needs both of these."

The duo are thrilled to finally have an official album ready for release, and as indicated by the number of fans who have stayed with them through the years - this album is poised to cause quite a stir.


01. Andain - Promises (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
02. Andain - Promises (Myon & Shane54 Summer Of Love Mix)
03. Andain - Promises (Myon & Shane54 Summer Of Love Intro Mix)
04. Andain - Promises (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
05. Andain - Promises (Secret Panda Society Remix)

Andain - Promises (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

Andain - Promises (Myon & Shane54 Summer Of Love Mix)

Andain - Promises (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

Andain - Promises (Secret Panda Society Remix)

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Turns out that version, which is by far the best version, was lost forever when Josh Gabriel's apartment burned down.
Myon & Shane54 Summer Of Love Mix,Myon & Shane54 Summer Of Love Intro Mix,Nitrous Oxide Remix :music:I love this track:megacrazy::love:
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