Andres Sanchez - Throwback Thursdays 001 Alter Ego on AH.FM 22-06-2017

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:welcome: Welcome New Show ! :flowers:

MP3 file: uploaded :book: set ready for broadcast

Edit Thread Title: √ done by in·iq·ui·trance

tracklist: not found

:dancing: cool tracks :super:

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Message sent to Dan: bit confusing 'name of artist' issue :hmmm:

:thankyou: cool set to me :replay:

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Damn, dude, you need a good microphone, but music is great. Anyway, accept my congratulations on the initiative on
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I am appreciative and supportive of this show. Much more difficult than playing the newest "top" 30 of trance & progressive like the large majority do. The effort is worthwhile.

But we need tracklists, including for this!