Andromedha - From Sunrise To Sunset (incl. Holbrook & SkyKeeper Remix) [Darkpload Deep]


Jul 28, 2010
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Release Date: 23 September 2013 (Beatport Exclusive), 7 October 2013 (all portals)

01. Original Mix
02. Holbrook & SkyKeeper Remix
03. Holbrook & SkyKeeper Intro Mix
04. Jeremy Rowlett Remix
05. Maynee Remix

New month means new release on recently launched Darkpload's shiny gem, Darkpload Deep. After succesful debut release the story continues as the label's co-owner Andromedha strikes back with a new original after almost a year of break. 'From Sunrise To Sunset' introduces those who are quite new to the scene into classical progressive sounds of Markus Schulz, Perry O'Neil or Probspot from a few years ago, making at the same time a big salute to die-hard progressive house and trance lovers.
On the remix duties we have some of the finest talents of this year, the list opens with spectacular duo Holbrook & SkyKeeper, who made it into Markus Schulz's personal top 3 producers of 2013. Dmitry and Ilya provides a very laidback version of the original track which surely brings some summer memories to the mind, especially with their great intro mix.
Second in is a big talent from United States, delivering choon after choon, Jeremy Rowlett. Again not making an exception, he offers a very well crafted remix with a bit stronger feeling which cleverly connects trance with house and adds some great drive and evilness to the original theme.
Label's A&R Maynee marks his second appearance on Deep with the last remix of 'From Sunrise To Sunset', which perfectly sits in between other version. Exotic atmospheres and flutes with some nice groovy percussions create another interesting variation of the main theme, closing the tracklist of 'From Sunrise To Sunset' single.