Andy Blueman quits making trance :-(

Above the Clouds

Feb 17, 2009
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It's time to say goodbye!

A new year is almost around the corner but just before it I would like to announce some news, actually bad news, better now then start a new year with bad news.

As you guys have noticed I didn't had any release for a while, the reason for this is because I lost the motivation and especially because I lost the passion for trance. Don't get me wrong, I still like to compose music, especially songs like in my soundtrack previews but just not as often as in the past while I wouldn't go back to trance anymore.

I have a lot of unfinished trance songs, but there is no motivation to continue anymore, im sorry. I might do a mix out of my unfinished trance projects, to show you what kind of projects I had on my computer for a while.
Maybe I will do only two more singles, Away From The Sun and and maybe, just maybe another one. I think it would be a shame not to finish them because the melodys are really one of my best, we will see.

My favourite music was always film music on which I will focus in the future.
I never had any musical education so i don't know if I have any chances in this but I will try to learn it as much as possible by my self.
It will probably be almost impossible to succeed in this because most of pro composers studied at least something and this days there is so many talented composers, a lot of competition but I will give it a try anyway.

If I won't have any luck with this then I will quit with music and probably make just something little here and there and play on my midi key for pleasure.

I would like to thank to all my fans and for all the support, it was a pleasure to read all the beautiful comments in the last three years, thank you!

I wish everyone a happy new year celebration.

From his Myspace....

This sucks :cry:
Oh damn! Sad sad sad news. :cry:

He is focusing his works on soundtracks. I'll follow his career for sure! :yes:

I'll never forget his sweet tunes. :love: :bow: Always in mi mind! :bravo:
Well can't say that this actually came as surprise as I had heard rumours about this I think last year. I actually thought at some point that he had already moved to do film scores.
It's a sad loss to the scene, but still he's only one producer and thankfully there are plenty more :)

Heard some of his soundtrack work already and it's exceptional, so I'm sure he will do well, despite his lack of training.

Passion for the music is the most important element and if he's lost that then it's the right decision. I would't rule out a return to it in future though, I'm hoping all he needs is a break from it all for a while :)
I'm sure he will find great success in film, talent is talent. :good2:
I have read it before on Facebook.....speechless...... The best producer of all the times... :wavecry: :wavecry:

I love his music. Dream Trance music with a lot of filmtheme melody in it.... I will mis it....
If you have Facebook, put an Andy Blueman's cover as photo profile...could be a nice and useful initiative! Who knows?:friends:
Always sad when someone quits or loses their passion. I'm sure he'll do great things with his film scores.

no words..BIG LOSS!
Quite sad that he is quitting trance production :( . Definitely one of the best producers with characteristic dream sounds. I hope he gets success ahead. All the best Andy :good2:
dang I'm going to miss him so much! Let's wish him all the best in whatever he's going to do in the future!
good luck with your new producing goals and thanks alot for your epic trance tracks :)

wish you all the best